Cannabis cannot be used in a vehicle. It must be stored in a secure and sealed, child-resistant container that is kept reasonably inaccessible to the driver. We suggest leaving your cannabis products in your stapled exit bag and placing them in your trunk or the back of your vehicle when driving. Cannabis is still federally illegal and should not be taken across state lines.

Consuming – Start low and go slow. Cannabis affects every person differently depending on the product and the individual’s biochemistry. We recommend any smoking or vaporizing products are consumed with a single inhalation. Consumers should wait 10 to 15 minutes prior to further consumption to see the effects unless they are already familiar with the specific product. We recommend any ingestion of infused cannabis starts at 5mg. Consumers should wait two hours before increasing dosages. Ingestion of cannabis through edibles or other infused products can take up to two hours before the effects can be felt. All infused cannabis products in Illinois are split into portion sizes of 10mg or less per serving.

Returns – By law, dispensaries cannot accept product returns. If you have an issue with a product purchased from our store, please use the contact us form and let us know. We’ll need to see a picture of the product, its label, and will work with you to offer a solution, replacement, or refund.

Taxes – Cannabis taxes in Illinois vary based on the product type. This ranges between 25% and 40%. Your taxes will always be included as a separate line item on your receipt or when ordering online.

Privacy Policy – River Bluff Cannabis will never retain any identifying information without your consent. If you’d like to utilize our online order or rewards program, this requires we keep your name and information on file to process your order and track your rewards. You always have the option to visit us in-store and place your order with a budtender anonymously, only showing ID to verify your age and residency.