Welcome to River Bluff CBD, LLC, the premier name in CBD products in Illinois. Located in East Dubuque, IL, our company is nestled in the beautiful hills of the Mississippi River. River Bluff CBD, is a family owned and operated business, started by siblings who are passionate about the cannabis industry and educating consumers on its numerous health benefits.  The mission of River Bluff CBD  is to reduce the stigma in our community. Not only does River Bluff CBD work to reduce the stigma of the cannabis industry, we work in partnership with local organizations to help reduce the stigmas in both the Veteran and the mental health communities.

We are able to produce premium products by partnering with Blazing Star Farms, a local hemp farm and utilizing practices of extraction from experience in mature markets to ensure that our consumers are receiving the best product. All of our products undergo third party testing that produce a certificate of analysis, allowing us to be fully transparent with our consumers.

We look forward to working with you and helping to build your knowledge of the cannabis industry and our CBD products. As you look through our products, please feel free to direct any questions to joe.riverbluff@gmail.com. Welcome to the family.


Topicals & specialties

A CBD topical, such as CBD cream, CBD lotion, and CBD salve, can be applied directly to your skin as and when you need it, while also focusing on specific areas of your body that you want to target.


Infused edibles are a preferred method of CBD consumption for many people that don’t enjoy taking tinctures, or oils.


The River Bluff Drops feature an integrated easy-drop applicator and are made from all-natural ingredients to provide a premium product.


Did you know that your canine friend possesses the same naturally-occurring endocannabinoid system that humans do?



At River Bluff CBD our number one priority is to provide you with the best quality product on either side of the Mississippi River. We are a dispensary that caters to a wide range of needs and tastes.


Help reduce the stigma in our community!