If you’ve ever bought cannabis edibles at an adult-use dispensary, chances are likely you bought gummies, chocolate, or a drink. Every state offers a variety of delectable delights to choose from and Illinois dispensaries are no different. RiverBluff is dedicated to finding the newest and best products available to stock our Roselle, IL store. So, let’s venture away from the big three and look at some edibles you may have never even thought of before and introduce you to five edibles you’ve probably never tried…but should.


1. Tinctures- Tinctures are solutions made mainly for oral consumption. They are most commonly found in the CBD industry, but they come with the fun stuff too! They are easy to use, easy to dose, and very discreet. Just drop under your tongue and hold for ten seconds, swish and swallow. At RiverBluff, we offer tinctures from our friends at Contract Canna from their BREEZ line. Here are a handful that might trip your fancy. 

2. Chips- We know what you’re thinking, you eat chips after you get high. Well, that could be said about most edibles so hear us out. We only offer one chip currently Yubalachia Natural Apple Chips 50mg $10, but they are outstanding! Each bite bursts with the warm nostalgia of freshly baked apple pie. Even better, they are a gluten-free option for those who need one. 

3. Cereal Bars- Who doesn’t like cereal bars? They are quick, they are easy, and they are nostalgic. They are absolutely delicious and what many people reach for when rushing out the door late. Now, they come packed with THC and they are glorious. Here are a few to check out, and one though not a cereal bar still a bar made of cereal! 

4. Caramels- Caramels are one of the most savory options available.  Almost always accompanied by seas salt, the sweet and savory combo is meant to have to be enjoyed by those who don’t simply want to chew and swallow but want to indulge in the flavors and let them linger. Caramels are a RiverBluff favorite, so we try to keep a variety on hand. 

5. Fruit Chews– They are not taffy. They are not caramel. They are fruits chews, just like the countless candies you grew up on, yum! Fruit chews provide the best of both worlds. They are fruity like a gummy but chewy like a caramel. When we look for fruit chews, we look to our friends at Betty’s edibles. They come in a range of flavors and cater to specific needs. You need something for aches and pains try Betty’s Eddies Ache Away Cherry Fruit Chews 10pk 100mg for $25. You want something to get you going in the morning try Betty’s Eddies Go Betty Go Watermelon Fruit Chews 10pk 100mg for $25. Do you just want to get high try Betty’s Eddies Passion Fruit Fruit Chews 10pk 100mg for $25! 

BONUS!- We know we said 5 but we couldn’t not mention this. Though technically a drink and not an edible, we had to address the Cann Lighning Shot 100mg for $20. 100mg of THC with 100mg caffeine, this is the perfect kickstart to slow moving morning. 


RiverBluff goes out of its way to provide the best selection of products by the top producers in Illinois. We are not some nameless, faceless, multi-state operator running a shop from a cooperate office 4 states away. We are cannabis consumers! We look forward to every new product that comes on the market, and trust, we try them all so we can give you the best cannabis shopping experience in the state. To keep up will all the latest deals and read more articles like this, be sure to SIGN UP for our email group!