G.R.R. Martin’s HBO series House of the Dragon has taken the world by storm much like his Game of Thrones series captivated the world. The show is violent, graphic, and absolutely amazing! RiverBluff knows that many people enjoy the show while partaking in a bit of adult use cannabis and decided to have a little fun with it. Here is RiverBluff’s list of the five best products to buy at our Roselle, Illinois location to enhance watching the series! So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and read on! 

Wouldn’t Be a List Without a Dragon 

Wouldn’t be much of a show without dragons, now, would it? And be certain, we have dragons here! Or at least their fruit. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to come by a dragon these days. These delicious DIBZ Dragon Fruit Fast Acting Gummies 1:1 CBD THC 20pk 100mg THC 100mg CBD by Contract Canna for $25 will get your mind right for all the diplomacy, war, fire, betrayal, and overt nudity your brain can handle. 

Or Without Fire 

RiverBluff may not have tracked down any dragons, but they did hunt down their fire. To put the realm in line, try this I420 Fire Berries Preroll .7g by IESO for $12. If you are looking to launch an attack on Dragonstone or King’s Landing, you may want something a little stronger. Maybe, this The Botanist Disposable White Fire OG .3g by In Grown Farms for $28. Wielding fire like those have will have you feeling like a Targaryen flying over Westeros from the comfort of your own home.  

A Strong Ale for a Brave Knight/Viewer 

If there shall be dragons, if there shall be betrayal, if there shall be war and brave warriors to fight in them, there will be ale! Only the best of ales for the combatants and viewers! When the time to rejoice and revel in victory comes, there will be no small cups. Your mighty cups will overflow with the magic of CQ Cans Ginger Ale 100mg by Contract Canna for $20. You shall celebrate and sing of surviving the things you’ve witnessed.  

And of course, George RR Martin’s Favorite Thing! 

Anyone who has read or watched any of Martin’s works knows one thing, the man loves boobs. What kind of list would this be if RiverBluff didn’t honor Martin’s favorite thing? The bad kind that’s what. So naturally, we present to you these bodacious T.I.T.S 3.5g by IC Collective for $55 each. A form fitting end to the list to say the least. 

Enjoy the Show! 

House of the Dragon gives cannaconsumers the chance to disconnect and live in a fantastical world. For one hour a week, the troubles of Earth are forgotten, and the trials and tribulations of Westeros take center stage. It is good to get lost and escape in something you love for a moment. Even if you are not a fan of House of the Dragon or G.R.R. Martin, find that thing that allows you to disconnect for a bit each week. It does wonders! You can stay up to date with all the latest deals and articles offered by RiverBluff Cannabis Roselle, IL by SINGING UP for our email group!