We all love cannabis. Whether it be cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, cannabis drinks, or cannabis concentrates, the demand for adult use cannabis is growing rapidly in every Illinois dispensary.  All these products must be produced somewhere and by someone, but what do you know about these people and places? Chances are not much because cannabis companies don’t get highlighted for the work they do nearly enough. With that being said, welcome to our second monthly spotlight on the cannabis companies in Illinois. We are proud to introduce you to Enliven Edibles!  So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about who makes your weed stuff. 

Who is Enliven Edibles? 

Enliven Edibles is a veteran-owned, women-owned company (just like us!)  specializing in top-end cannabis edibles. They took the name Enliven because they want to help you live your best life and their products hit shelves in May 2023. They take great pride in the exceptional quality of their products, all made at a state-of-the-art facility in Pekin, IL with light and love. The care they put into their products shows through with every bite of their delicious treats. Not only are their edibles friendly and green but their packaging for their products is green-friendly. Enliven Edibles works hard to be ecofriendly and as sustainable for the state as possible. Their packaging is made of recycled plastics!! Not only are they friendly to the planet, but they have also been friendly to their community. Enliven Edibles has donated to charities such as Prairie Rivers Network, Midwest Food Bank, and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. 

So, What Do They Have? 

It is in the name, Enliven Edibles, they make some of the top edibles in the state. They currently focus on cookies and cereal bars with plans to expand their line in the future (lets just say, it will be POPPIN). If you are on a budget, you can try this Peanut Butter Cookie 10mg for just $4 or this Chocolate Chip Cookie 10mg for just $5. They also offer a mouthwatering Snickerdoodle Cookie 10mg for just $5. All those options are available in 10 packs for between $20-$25, such as their outstanding Salted Caramel Cookie 2pk 50mg  for $12. Enliven also provides a cookie meant specifically to help you sleep in the Stay Asleep Double Chocolate Chipzzz 1:1 THC CBN Cookie 10mg these are available in a single count for $5 and a ten count for $25.

Many people have had weed cookies, but many people don’t realize that weed cereal bars are an option, but thanks to Enliven they are! They have three flavors that are sure to hit you in your warm nostalgic center. We currently carry two of them, Cookies and Cream Cereal Bars 5pk 100mg and Cinnamon Toast Munch Cereal Bars 5pk 100mg both of which are sold for $25. These edibles work extremely well for discreet on the go consumption. 

One Last Thing 

The Illinois cannabis market is growing, and it needs companies committed to sustainability and community growth like Enliven Edibles and RiverBluff to grow with it. The story of Enliven Edibles is that of dreamers looking to make the world a better place and we should all want that. We are proud to carry their products in our Roselle dispensary and look forward to them expanding their line!  We will have another spotlight next month but if you missed last month’s, you can check out our article on Galaxy Labs. You can keep up to date with all the latest deals and articles by signing up for our email group HERE