We all love cannabis. Whether it be cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, cannabis drinks, or cannabis concentrates, the demand for adult use cannabis is growing rapidly in every Illinois dispensary.  All these products must be produced somewhere and by someone, but what do you know about these people and places? Chances are not much because cannabis companies don’t get highlighted for the work they do nearly enough. With that being said, RiverBluff is proud to introduce you to Northern Heights brought to you by Oregonix Farms. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about who grows your weed stuff.   

The Company: Oregonix 

Oregonix is a craft grow operation, which there are few of in Illinois, founded by David Schwimmer, no not that one, and Owen Papworth. The company is comprised of cannabis cultivators from across the country, but obviously, their roots come from the western states, specifically Oregon. With the majority of the Illinois cannabis grow space being dominated by massive multi-state operators, seeing craft grows like Oregonix, and Galaxy Labs thrive gives RiverBluff even more confidence in our own soon-to-come craft grow. Oregonix focuses on quality over quantity, with small batch grows, as most craft growers do. They call themselves cannaseurs that only seek out the best of strains, highly aromatic, trichome-rich, and supremely potent. They have the same goal as most craft growers, to set a new standard of quality to the Illinois cannabis market. Oregonix grows with a customer first approach and a collaborative mind set. All of this has led to their brand Northern Heights, which is increasingly rising in popularity.  

The Brand: Northern Heights 

When Oregonix Farms looked to name the brand they’d sell their tremendous flower under, they wanted a name that would resonate with cannaconsumers. They came up with Northern Heights, a clear tip of the hat in homage to the classic strain Norhtern Lights and a coy declaration of their intent to raise the bar for Illinois cannabis flower. The brand harnesses the knowledge and tech from a market that’s been operating for 25 years and introduces it to a ripe new region known for farming and friendliness; blending the precision of northwestern technology with the care of midwestern farmers. The results have spoken for themself. Northern Heights is a hit and Oregonix is following through on their vision. 

Can’t Miss Products 

Alright, now we all know about this wonderful company and their wonderful brand, but what of their wares? Well, Northern Heights truly has strains to write home about. From loose flower, prerolls and blunts, they have your back and they specialize in balanced strains. Looking for loose flower? We suggest Northern Heights Bomb Sauce 3.5g for $60 or maybe Northern Heights Unicorn Sherb 3.5g Flower for $60. Maybe you like something ready to smoke but a joint just won’t do it for you. You can get a Northern Heights Sherb Cake Blunt 1g for $24 or a Northern Heights Super Boof Blunt 1g for $24. Maybe you want a joint, but you want more than one. Check out these Northern Heights Gogurtz Preroll 6pk 3g for $50 or these Northern Heights Strawberry Gary Preroll 6pk 3g for $50. If you enjoyed learning about the brand you buy (or will soon buy!) you may enjoy They Make Your Edibles Spotlight: Enliven Edibles. Stay up to date with all the latest deals and articles offered by RiverBluff Cannabis Roselle, Illinois by SIGNING UP for our email group.