We all love cannabis. Whether it be cannabis flower, cannabis edibles, cannabis drinks, or cannabis concentrates, the demand for adult use cannabis is growing rapidly in every Illinois dispensary.  All these products must be produced somewhere and by someone, but what do you know about these people and places? Chances are not much because cannabis companies don’t get highlighted for the work they do nearly enough. With that in mind, we’ve decided to start a monthly spotlight on the cannabis grow operations in Illinois. We are proud to introduce you to Galaxy Labs, their identity, their history and their products. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about who grows your weed stuff. 

Who are Galaxy Labs? 

Galaxy Labs LLC was founded in 2020 by the husband-and-wife team, Rick and Michelle Ringold. The company is 96% minority and woman owned. Their diverse group is 82.5% Black, 51% Veteran, 11% Hispanic 33.25% Women, and they would go on to become the first independent/social equity craft grow to go live in Illinois! Galaxy Labs is dedicated to team diversity and raising the bar on craft grown cannabis products in Illinois through small batch harvests. As RiverBluff Cannabis prepares to enter the craft grow market, we love to see small, single state operators like us succeed! Not only do they operate a craft grow but also a dispensary. Their dedication to inclusion, community outreach and cannabis advancement is truly inspirational.  

Their company’s tagline is, “At Galaxy Labs, our curiosity for the cosmos is matched only by the craft in our cannabis—at connoisseur levees.” Even as a start-up, Galaxy Labs spared no expense when building their craft grow facility out. They stocked their Richton Park facility with the latest cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure they produce the high-quality cannabis they dreamed of growing. They built this facility with community growth in mind and will have added 45 new jobs to the village when fully staffed. Galaxy Labs was built with a purpose, and they are following through! 

So, What Do They Have? 

Galaxy Labs focuses on cannabis flower and prerolls. They have a strain for every smoker. Are you a sativa lover? Check out their Garlic Cocktail 7 ($55 for 3.5g), a sativa dominant highbred that tests off the charts and comes at you with a strong citrus burst. You want a 50/50 hybrid? It doesn’t get much better than Gary Payton ($70 for 7g), a multiple award-winning strain that includes numerous Cannabis Cups and the 2020 Emerald Cup. Want an Indica to help relax? Look no further than Motor Breath 15 ($55 for 3.5g), this indica dominant hybrid is another award winner. Its earthy flavor defines DANK. You want something with a little lower THC count that just tastes amazing? Well, Galaxy Labs has that too. Their Chilled Cherries ($60 for 3.5g) is a delight to the taste buds and the senses. They clearly choose the strains they’d grow with care. 


For the Illinois cannabis market to grow, it needs passionate growers like Galaxy Labs and RiverBluff to grow with it. The story of Galaxy Labs is the type of underdog story you can’t help but cheer on. We are proud to carry their products in our Roselle dispensary and hope they will be proud to carry our products in the future. We will have another They Grow Your Weed Spotlight out next month. You can keep up to date with all the latest deals and articles by signing up for our email group HERE