When shopping for adult-use cannabis, the first thing most cannaconsumers ask about is the THC count as the THC count and price are often the only things listed on Illinois dispensary menus. Yet, there is so much more that affects the high experience than just the THC count.  Sure, THC is the one most directly associated with getting high but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the higher the THC count the higher you will get.  Many amazing strains get overlooked and are never grown for the regulated market again simply because they didn’t test high enough in THC. It is time to take a closer look at the other factors that affect your high. Kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about some weed stuff. 

THC Is Not the Beat All End All 

 Almost everyone has bought a strain that surprised them. Whether it be a low-testing strain that exceeded expectations or a high-testing strain that tested well and didn’t live up to expectations. If you’ve smoked enough weed, you know what we mean Still, because THC is the main factor most consider when purchasing cannabis flower, many amazing strains go all but extinct. The best example of this in Illinois cannabis market may be Blueberry Space Cake a strain grown by Cresco. It tested between 18-19% THC and for those of us fortunate to try it, it was glorious. The most blueberry strain you could ever taste, and unlike many strains, it retained that flavor even after relighting joints and cashing out bowls! It was an ideal blend of terpenes and secondary cannabinoids and it hit far harder than the low THC count would have you believe but still it never got a second grow cycle. Many of us thought it would be extinct forever but earlier this year the seeds went on sale. Other amazing strains like this may not be as lucky and go extinct due to the focus placed on just THC.  

The Importance of Terpenes 

The biggest thing that effects the quality of cannabis are terpenes. Terpenes give cannabis their character. They give it its taste; they make it smell the way it smells and gives it the subtle effects that shape your overall experience. Terpenes have a range of benefits from stimulating to relaxing; almost all work well for inflammation. Finding the right terpene or combination of terpenes can be a life-altering cannabis experience. When you know what terpenes suit you best, it will reduce shopping time in the dispensary, it will limit the chances of running across a strain that just isn’t for you and saves you money in the long run. Terpenes are fascinating but we can’t cover it in depth in this article. That’s why we wrote Terpenes: 101 for your convenience. The more THC a plant produces the less energy goes into terpene production and can sometimes leave herb tasting like medicine.  

The Difference Between CBG and CBN 

When thinking about other cannabinoids in cannabis flower, most people inevitably think of CBD. CBD is amazing but if it affects your high it does so minimally in most cases. What most people may not be aware of is CBG or cannabigerol  is the mother of all cannabinoids from which all others are formed. CBG is commonly found in higher concentrations in sativa flower. CBG has been linked to reduction in anxiety and depression. In fact, it aids in many types of brain functions. It increases focus and alertness, is beneficial when combatting migraines, combats soft tissue issues such as nerve pain, and has shown signs of improving memory function. Cannabis flower high in CBG is great for those on the go.  

If you are looking to relax, CBN or cannabinol will be more in line with your needs. CBN is an oxidized form of THC. After oxidization, it loses its psychoactive effects but keeps its sedative effects making it great for relaxation after a stressful day, as well as being an amazing sleep aid. Although we’ve discussed a handful of cannabinoids, most experts agree there are between 100-150 total cannabinoids in cannabis. Many of which have yet to be identified. The more THC a plant produces the less of the other cannabinoids it will produce. 

We Leave You with an Experiment 

We’ve come at you with a lot of information just to say that THC isn’t all that. You still may be skeptical and think this all some sort of hippie mumbo-jumbo, so we will leave you with a test. Stop smoking flower for two weeks and only vape and then smoke a joint and see if you can tell where we are coming from. The best way to do this is by using one strain as a control. You could pick up this Superflux Grapple Pie Live Resin Cartridge 1g by In Grown Farms for $75 and this Grape Pie 4 3.5g by Galaxy labs for $58. We are sure you’ll notice a difference. The cannabis plant is magical and wonderous, filled with secrets yet told, so we should really stop putting so much value on THC alone. If you enjoyed this article and want to keep up with more like it as well as all the latest deals at our Roselle Illinois dispensary, you can SIGN UP for free email group to stay in the know.