RiverBluff Cannabis knows few things cry summer louder than biting into a gooey, chewy smore while sitting by a fire. It is only natural to wonder what would a smore be like if it was cannabis-infused, so they looked at their inventory and decided to put together some options for YOU to be able to create the ultimate smore! With an option for everyone, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn to make some gooey, chewy weed stuff. 

Pick Your Ingredients 

Traditional smores contain 3 ingredients: chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker. RiverBluff isn’t trying to teach you to make a traditional smore though, so here are some recommendations on product pairings to create the ultimate smore. You’ll have to use stock marshmallows but boy are these pairings mouthwatering! 

Pairing 1: Double Chocolate Classic 

Kizmet Milk Chocolate Graham Crackers 5pk 100mg by IESO for $28 combined with Oat Milk Chocolate 20pk 100mg by The Bettering Company for $30. This pairing is the closest to the original smores but we kicked it up a notch with cannabis and double the chocolate! 

Pairing 2: PeanutButter Cookie Delight  

Sweet Somethings Peanut Better Cups 10pk 100mg by SweetBuzz for $30 combined with Peanut Butter Cookies 10pk 100mg by Enliven Edibles for $25. This one starts to stray away from the traditional smores but the peanut butter lovers will be cheering when they try them.  

Pairing 3: The One Smore to Rule Them All 

This one is for the true sugar fiends! It combines all the gooey, chewy that can be slapped together and takes the chocolate off the chart by doubling it. Chocolate Chip Cookies 10pk 100mg by Enliven Edibles for $25 combined with a top layer of Himalayan Salt Chocolate 20pk 100mg by The Bettering Company for $30 and a bottom layer of Sweet Somethings Caramel Met Cookie Cups 10pk 100mg by SweetBuzz for $30. This one is messy. It is delicious. Forged in the fires of RiverBluff’s burnt river, it is the one smore to rule them all. 

Make the Smores 

Step 1: Place 1 graham cracker or cookie on a plate; top with chocolate and set aside.

Step2: Using a long stick or metal skewer, carefully toast a marshmallow over a fire until golden brown or melted to your desire. Rotate periodically. Avoid tilting the stick or skewer downward; you will lose your mallow!

Step 3: Place toasted marshmallow over chocolate and graham cracker or cookie. Top with a second graham cracker or cookie and optional secondary chocolate and gently press together.

Step 4: Slowly remove stick or skewer from marshmallow. They are always best served immediately. 

Enjoy Your Smores! 

These smores concoctions aren’t your standard fare but they are amazing! Not everything needs to remain traditional. Experimentation is fun and there aren’t many more fun ways to experiment than with smores. This summer RiverBluff Cannabis encourages you to make a stoney memory that melts in your mouth but lasts forever! If you try any of these combos, give your thoughts in comments below. Want to keep up to date with everything RiverBluff Cannabis Roselle? SIGN UP for email group to get all the latest in-store deals and articles as they become available.