RiverBluff Cannabis wants you to know where your adult use cannabis products come from. Too often, cannaconsumers are left with little information outside of price and THC percentage or MGs per dose when choosing their adult use cannabis products. There are far more things that go into bringing a product to the shelf than most people know. Companies come in all different sizes and specialties, they all have their own visions, and employee people how share their vision. RiverBluff is happy to share the stories of the very best with you. With that being said, RiverBluff is proud to introduce you to SweetBuzz! So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about who makes your weed stuff. 

Who Is SweetBuzz? 

Many cannabis companies started as industry professionals with ties to Illinois who moved back to further the Illinois cannabis industry. Not all cannabis companies start off that way though. Some companies like RiverBluff Cannabis and SweetBuzz are started by passionate cannabis enthusiasts who have come from business roots far outside of cannabis. SweetBuzz was founded by David Drehobl and Francisco Macias while both were working for The Georgia Nut Company. They took their love of cannabis and candy and decided to mix business with pleasure in the best way possible. Like many entering the cannabis industry, they look to be innovative and inventive. Just like RiverBluff, they are a social equity licensed producer. Unfortunately, Francisco recently lost his long battle with cancer but, his inspiration, ideas and passion live on in their line of carefully crafted, seriously delicious products they’re proud to bring to people today.  

So, What Do They Have? 

 SweetBuzz specializes in two specific forms of edibles; cups and candies. Checkout the breakdown below:  


All these cups are amazing and only $30. Perfect bites for on the go or take down the bag and most definitely stay in. If you want a gamechanger, put them in a blender with some ice cream and watch the world become a brighter place. You can thank us later. 


These small M&M like candies are the bee’s knees. The small size makes for flexible dosing if you are willing to do the math. They can really add a spark to your day. You see what we did? We used the name of the thing!  

SweetBuzz also makes Sweet Empowder 10pk 100mg for $25. These 10mg sachets are an infused powder sweetener can be added to any drink. They are a nice way to kick the lemonade up a notch on a hot day. 

One Last Word 

The Illinois cannabis market is growing, and it needs companies committed to quality and community growth like SweetBuzz and RiverBluff to grow with it. The story of SweetBuzz is that of craftspeople looking to make cannabis products the way they always dreamed of. RiverBluff Cannabis is proud to carry their products in our Roselle dispensary and would love to see them expand their line!  If you found that interesting and informative, you might want to check out our article on Norther Heights by Oregonix. You can keep up to date with all the latest deals and articles by signing up for our email group HERE.