Many people see the adult-use cannabis industry growing at a rapid rate and that is ever apparent when looking at cannabis in Illinois. Now, this isn’t surprising to anyone because people love the ganja, it is less vilified in the past, and more accessible than ever. A common misconception amongst non-consumers of cannabis is that people only consume cannabis to get high, but that is far from factual. The largest growth in demand has been from those looking for help sleeping. THC is notorious for causing drowsiness but when paired with CBN it can be one of the healthiest sleep aids available, especially if your current option is a prescription pharmaceutical. This article is for those who need better sleep or know someone who needs better sleep. So, let’s kick back in the cut, fire one up, and learn about sleepy-time weed stuff.

 What You Need to Know About CBN 

We know you know about THC (but if you don’t, checkout our newcomers guide to THC consumption), but do you know about CBN or Cannabinol to be scientific? CBN is the compound most people are looking for when they buy CBD because most new consumers turn to cannabis medicinally to help aid in sleep. CBN is an oxidized form of THC. After oxidization, it loses its psychoactive effects but keeps its sedative effects. It is a near-perfect sleep aid, and even better when working in tandem with THC, with natural receptors in your body to accept it, and a healthier alternative to other sleep aids that come with their share of side effects. 

The List 

If you’ve read this far, you are probably in need of a sleep aid. Worry Not. RiverBluff carries a wide array of products in our Roselle, Illinois store! Here is a list of products to help you get your 40 winks. The list is in no particular order as all these products work well. 

Sleep Well 

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. If you have struggled trying prescription and over the counter sleep aids, there is no reason not to try a CBN product as it doesn’t come with the side effects associated with the more traditional sleep aid. It is time to ditch big pharma and go green with your sleep aid. You won’t regret it! If you enjoyed this article and want to see more like it while staying up to date with all our latest deals, be sure to SIGN UP for our free email group.