Vape carts continue to rise in popularity among cannaconsumers shopping at almost any adult use cannabis dispensary and for good reason. They are extremely convenient, they are far more discreet than smoking, and unlike cannabis flower, the aroma is reduced to almost nothing when the vape cart is not in use. Still, not all vape carts are created equal and different people like different variations. Below we cover the three most popular forms of vape carts currently on the market and go over some of the equipment you may need to consume them. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about some weed stuff. 

Knowing the Equipment You’ll Need 

Most vape carts will be 510 threaded. This refers to the threading used to screw the vape cart into your battery. If you’re shopping for smoking accessories and ask for a battery for your cart, they will hand you a 510 thread battery because so many carts are 510 threaded. However, some companies use proprietary cartridges that will require a specific battery. When purchasing a vape cart, ask if it is 510 threaded. That will let you know if a specific battery will be needed before consuming. Most batteries will have multiple temperature settings. Start off on the lowest setting and increase as needed.  Some batteries are auto-draw, meaning no button is required, you just draw on it and it goes but most batteries will have a button that will need to hold while drawing. 

Types of the Vape Cart 

Vape carts can contain different types of concentrate in them. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Below are three types you can commonly find at RiverBluff Cannabis Dispensary. 

  • Distillate- These are the most popular form of vape carts in recreational cannabis. Unless the vape cart specifies that it is something other than live distillate, you are safe to assume it is a distillate vape cart. Distillate concentrates are generally thinner than other concentrates used in vape carts, so they tend not to last quite as long. Fortunately, they are generally the most affordable vape carts you can buy. Click Here to check out one of our favorites. 
  • Live Resin- Live Resin are considered premium vape carts. Premium vape carts are very popular. Live Resin concentrate is extracted using a solvent-based, generally butane or propane, technique that’s applied to flash frozen cannabis flower. Click Here to check out one of our favorites.  
  • Live Rosin- Live Rosin are also considered premium cape carts Live Rosin is a cannabis concentrate extracted with heat and pressure—no solvents being required. Rosin can be created using dried and cured flower or flash frozen flower, but typically, flash frozen flower is used, the final concentrate is referred to as live rosin. Resin/Rosin is typically thicker than traditional distillate and retains more of their natural terpenes, so they last longer if not abused. However, they are slightly more costly than a traditional vape cart. We currently don’t have any Live Rosin carts in store but have this beautiful infused preroll. 
  • Other Premium Carts- There are new types of premium vape carts other than live resin/rosin. They are starting to gain traction as they become more readily available and tend to be called liquid diamonds, budder, sauce or a host of other names. These concentrates, like live resin/rosin, are thicker and tend to retain more natural terpenes while often using a traditional distillate extraction method. Most distillate carts have terpenes added back to them after extraction. By retaining more natural terpenes, the effects and taste of the cart will remain intact without as many added terpenes. Outside of the extraction methods, live resin/rosin vape carts are comparable to other premium vape carts. Click Here to check out one of our favorites. 


Vape carts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have never tried one, we suggest doing so. Because of its concentrated form, some cannaconsumers find it to be more cost effective than cannabis flower. You may save money in the long term, and you will be less noticeable when consuming. What’s not to like? You can check out all our available carts Here.