Our one-year anniversary at RiverBluff Cannabis Dispensary is approaching, and what a wonderful year its been! Our small family-owned  business (that started simply as a hemp-derived cannabinoid company in a charming little town nestled on the Mississippi river) finally got the chance to operate an adult-use cannabis dispensary in the great state of Illinois! Roselle has been an incredibly welcoming community and ever since we opened our doors in May 2023, we’ve had a blast getting to know our customers and helping stoke the fire (or should we say lighter? 🤔) behind the local canna-community. Read on to deep dive into the wild ride that has led us here today! 

The Little CBD Company That Could 

RiverBluff evolved from humble means. Three siblings, Ali, Joe, and DJ, along with their close friend Josh set out to start a cannabis dispensary geared more toward community, mental health, and the everyday cannabis consumer needs. DJ, an army veteran, had dealt with PTSD and saw the positive effects hemp-derived products could have. So, they opened a small hemp-derived cannabinoid store, RiverBluff Collective, in East Dubuque Illinois to sell a variety of hemp-derived products. It took time to educate the community about the benefits of hemp-derived products, but they built a team around them with like-minded goals and the little shop began to flourish. Just over a year later, DJ would call the entire staff to the parking lot to announce RiverBluff was awarded an adult cannabis dispensary license in Illinois. We all cheered with excitement but knew this was just the beginning. 

The Cannabis Dispensary Owned by Cannabis Consumers 

They finally had their chance in the recreational market, and they would make the most of it! The family, veteran, and woman-owned business was taking its next step and wouldn’t waste their shot. They hired the top cannabis professionals available to help them bring their vision to life.  They set out to build a cannabis dispensary that provided a safe, welcoming, mindful space, for all to enjoy, celebrate and learn how plant infused products can enhance their lives. When Roselle welcomed them to their community, they went right to work building that dream. 

The Grand Opening Glow 

The team had worked hard designing the dispensary – a welcoming and educated staff was hired, and the menu was filled with carefully selected items. When the day came for RiverBluff Cannabis to open its doors, there was no sense of panic in the air but a hint of accomplishment. The company knew this was just another step and the excitement couldn’t be contained.  The doors were open. Customers began to trickle in, and a line started to form. Customers came and went! By the end of the weekend though, there was some doubt RiverBluff had arrived. Our dream was a reality but what did our customers think?! 

They Like Us! They Really Like Us! 

When the reviews came in, we were taken back by how appreciated and well-received we were! It turned out better then we hoped it would. Our newest dream had become reality, and our customers’ reviews made our hearts soar!  

“This place is my favorite dispensary in Illinois. The people here really care and always have time to try to help you find exactly what you’re looking for with warmth & friendliness! They have the best deals & aim to please! 5/5 stars! Vince is very caring & accurate! The best!! “ Linda I. 

“New Hidden Gem! Love the vibes and decor when stopping in to shop. The staff was very friendly and helpful as well. Def will be shopping again soon!”Darshanay P. 

“If you’re looking for a great dispensary look no further. This family/veteran owned dispensary is by far the best I’ve been to. The vibe is so chill and the staff is super friendly and helpful. I highly recommend making riverbluff your go to dispo. Whether you’re an old time smoker and a newbie just wanting to see what’s going on, riverbluff staff will make sure you feel welcomed and help you find what you’re looking for or discover something new you didn’t think you were looking for! I’m so happy to finally have a great little place so close to home and no Cook county tax!” –Kaley 

Come Celebrate with Us All Week. 

Now, it is time to celebrate, all week long, from May 13-19. We will be having in-store specials every day. Don’t miss out! Keep an eye out for them. Sign-up for our emails to be the first to know about the latest and greatest, before it even happens! 

Deals 5/13-5/15 

  • 20% Off Enliven Products like This 
  • 20% Off NGW Products like This 
  • 30% Off Grassroots Products (15% off Briq Products) like This  
  • 30% Off Ascend Products like This 

Deals 5/16-5/19 

  • 30% Off Grassroots Products(Excluding Briq Products) like This 
  • 20% Off Contract Canna Nuvatas & CQ Cans like This 
  • 30% Off Ascend Products like This 
  • 30% Off Cresco Prerolls (Good News & High Supply) like This 
  • 30% Off Enliven Products like This 
  • 30% Off NGW Products like This
  • 30% Off Wyld Gummies like This
  • 30% Off Stiiizy Products like This
  • BOGO Senorita Margaritas | Mango 10mg + Jalapeno Lime 5mg 

Deal 5/18 

  • The Freebie Marathon- We will be giving away a different item throughout the day with purchase. 

We also will have venders leading up to and though the weekend to celebrate cannabis culture and the community. 

Thursday May 16th 

Stop by and meet our friends at Smoke Signals Gretting Cards and pick up a ganja inspired card for your next holiday or occasion. Eight Decades, makers of exquisite cannabis apparel and accessories, will also be joining us to celebrate.  

Friday May 17th 

We have the folks from Molly Smiles stopping by to offer you their one-of-a-kind make-you-look handmade clothes and accessories. 

Saturday May 18th 

Come Enjoy the wonderful southern style soul food of Aunt Tina’s Sound Bites. Because food and music bring ALL people together, this food truck has a mission to improve both issues and help connect our communities in UNITY. 

We will also have cannabis creator Made_content, founder of High Focus Media and Profeshsesh,   on hand Saturday night next to Aunt Tina’s. The companies focus on setting up events for cannabis consumers of all walks of life to come together and socialize. Expand your social circles.   

We will have Puffin’ Plush & Tingz stopping by who sell everything from hand-made bong cozies to cannabis inspired decor. 

For those looking for a hands on experience, Ottos LLC will be on hand to help those who spend $100+ in store make their own hitter.  

The Future of Riverbluff 

Although we take this week to celebrate with you and the community, we know our journey is far from over. There are still mountains to climb, and we are getting a chance to climb another one. RiverBluff has been awarded an adult use cannabis cultivation craft grow license! Now, not only will we be selling cannabis the way we think it should be sold, but we will be growing cannabis the way think it should be grown. We’d like to thank Roselle, our wonderful staff, and all our customers who’ve been with us on this exciting ride. Buckle up because this is just the beginning. If you want to keep up on all things RiverBluff Cannabis, be sure to sign up for emails to stay on top of all the latest deals and news.