Adult use cannabis dispensaries are flooded during your typical holiday weekend. Afterall, canna-consumers love to celebrate! Those who love cannabis have even founded their own holidays. Almost everyone knows that 4/20 is the unofficial national weed day, but do you know about 7/10, the unofficial national dab day? 7/10 hasn’t been celebrated as long as 4/20 but it grows in popularity year after year. Let’s take a deeper look into 7/10 and its humble rise from street slang into the average canna-consumer vocabulary. So, let’s kick back in the cut, fire one up and learn about some holiday weed stuff.  

Where Did It Come From? 

Fun fact, 710 spun 180 degrees spells OIL. Oil has been associated with cannabis concentrates longer than any other slang term as hash oil is one of the first known uses of cannabis concentrates. 710 would then become a slang term for dabs by street dealers and enter the Urban Dictionary in 2010. In 2011, Rap star TaskRok of Highly Educated began to use the term in interviews and in conversation with other artists. That same year he released an album under the group Task & Linus titled The Movement full of cannabis references, including the song 7:10. He was very vocal about the benefits of dabbing while downplaying the benefits of traditionally smoking. Without a doubt, dabbing exploded in popularity between 2010 and 2013.


Why Did It Become Celebrated? 

As all things cannabis became more accepted and grew in popularity, those who are active in cannabis culture naturally sought out more days to celebrate our culture. 7/10 didn’t really become celebrated until 2013 when LA Weekly dropped an article titled 7/10 Is the New 4/20. The term 710 was spreading with its newfound notoriety, even 420 glass cleaner released a new formula for oil rigs called 710. Now, 710 was visible in most smoke shops and people began to ask questions and become educated on its history. The more dabbing grew in popularity, the quicker canna-consumers took to own 7/10 as another cherished holiday. Today 7/10 is almost as well-known as 4/20 when it comes to green holidays and shows no signs of slowing down.

And So, We Dab 

So, on 7/10 we dab. We dab together to be social and celebrate the wonderful culture we all live in, a onetime counterculture that is now just culture. With that said, you should probably get stocked up for the holiday and boy do we have some recommendations. You could go with something like Snapplez Solventless Live Jelly 1g by Nature’s Grace for $70.  You might want to try Ozone Reserve Tuscan Gelato Live Sugar 1g by Ascend for $55. Perhaps regular dabbing isn’t for you. Don’t worry, carts are oil too! You could try a Joos Live Resin Disposable Pen MAC .3g by Nature’s Grace for $25. Maybe you need something bigger, how about a Select Briq Gelato Disposable 2g by Grassroots for $90.!  

Don’t think you are not educated enough to decide? Check out our article Concentrates 101: Knowing Your Cannabis Concentrates. No matter what your plans are for 7/10, take a moment and reflect on how far the world has come to celebrate a day like it and enjoy the holiday! If you want to stay up to date on the latest deals and article SIGN UP for our free email group.