Science fiction and cannabis are a match made in the cosmos. They both allow a chance for the mind to escape and wonder, so naturally they’d come together. Science fiction is a beloved genre, and the Star Wars Universe may be the most beloved of all. If you are Star Wars fan, a cannabis smoker, or both, there is high likelihood you’ve had a lengthy conversation about Star Wars. In this article, we will cover just how closely weed and Star Wars are linked by recalling some past stories about the cast, and the weed smoking antics that influenced a movie that inspired a generation. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up and let’s learn about some Star Wars stuff. 

Han Solo Sold Weed? 

Before becoming Han Solo and Indiana Jones, the megastar, Harrison Ford, spent ten years in Hollywood working as a carpenter, taking bit roles, and selling weed to LA’s most elite. Michele Phillips of the iconic 60’s band, The Mamas and The Papas, went to the theater to Star Wars and when seeing Ford on screen she exclaimed, “That’s My Pot Dealer!” Philips wasn’t the only high-profile music act Ford supplied in the 60’s though it is also believed he supplied Jim Morrison and the Doors1. How cool is that?! 

Princess Leia Was Down to Smoke! 

Princess Leia and Han Solo provided one of the most recognizable love stories in science fiction history. Their chemistry came off so effortlessly because behind the scenes they were getting high AF and getting busy like bunnies for three months. Carrie would go on to claim the Ford’s weed was so powerful it made her forget the year 19762.


Even The Wookies Were Stoned? 

There has been a long-standing rumor among some Star Wars fans that the specie’s name for Chewbacca, Wookie, was adlibbed by voice actor Terry McGovern while stoned on the Star Wars set. This is factually false. Terry McGovern did indeed coin the term “Wookie”, while under the influence but it came while filming Lucas’s earlier film THX 1138. Terry was describing a wild animal he had hit with his car and told Lucas, “It was a Wookie.”3 Lucas liked the term so much he kept it to use in a future movie.

Why Does the Villain of This Kevin Smith Movie Look Like a Jedi? 

Mark Hamill is not known to smoke marijuana, but he did appear as a jedi of sorts in the beloved stoner classic Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back directed by regular High Times cover boy, Kevin Smith. Hamill played Cockknocker a nostalgic spoof of his most famous character. As the villain, Hamill battled Bluntman and Chronic with bong-sabers and force like abilities. Carrie Fisher also appeared in the film making the film play like a pothead’s love letter to Star Wars.  

A Connection That Will Last Forever 

Star Wars has embedded itself in cannabis culture so much that there are many strains named after the franchise: Skywalker, Master Yoda, Death Star, Ewok, C3PO, and the list goes on and on4. Even if you’ve never seen one of the films there is good chance you smoked a strain with Star Wars lineage. No matter where you fall in Venn diagram of cannabis enthusiasts and Star Wars fans, remember Star Wars Day is day to relax and let your mind wonder about the spectacles of what is possible. Stop in on 5/4 to check out our deals. 

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Have a happy holiday from RiverBluff and may the fourth be with you!