Dabs have become the catchall term for most concentrated THC products (these products contain a THC level over 40% though most are between 60-90%) found in recreational cannabis dispensaries. Though concentrated THC products date back to the 9th century with Hashish, the practice of dabbing has evolved rapidly over the last 30 years or so and gained massive popularity amongst the most hardcore cannabis consumers. The concentrate market is poised to grow by over 20% in the next 8 years. Dabs are referred to as such because early extractors would place them in a small blob or “dab” on wax paper, a practice still used today. Keep reading to understand the different types of dabs, the different methods of intake, the perceived benefits and shortfalls of dabbing, and the amazing, concentrated adult-use cannabis products we offer at RiverBluff in Roselle, Illinois. So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about some weed stuff.  


So Many Types of Dabs, So Little Time!  

There are far too many concentrated THC products to cover them all, but we will do our best to cover some of the most popular forms and explain the subtle differences. Here is the list.  

Badder/Budder– Has a whipped consistency, soft and spreadable, hence the name and belongs to the subgenre Live Resin. We have products such as 80.13% THC Ozone Animal Cake Live Budder 1g by Ascend.   

CrumbleLooks like dry crumbs and belongs to the subgenre of Live Resin.  

Diamonds– Are a crystalline concentrated form of THC that is like the gem they are named for. Diamonds belong to the subgenre of Rosins. We currently don’t carry any diamonds but do have diamond infused preroll packs like this 41.386% THC Diamond Infused Preroll Power Sherb 5pk 2g by Grassroots.  

HashIs a genre onto itself. The mother of all concentrates. It is sand in nature and generally pressed into blocks or balls.  

Sauce Sauce or Jam has a sticky jelly like consistency and belongs to the Rosin subgenre.  

Shatter Is a solid brittle sticky concentrate. It belongs to the Live Resin subgenre.   

Wax/SugarIs the most solid. It often comes in cubes like candle wax or smaller pieces like sugar. It belongs to the Live Resin Subgenre. We currently have product such as this 85.7% THC Sonata Live Resin Sugar 1g by Cresco 

We know we’ve missed describing many forms of concentrate like this 85.99% THC Snapplez Solventless Live Jelly 1g by Nature’s Grace and this 32.78% THC Paul Bunyan Keif 1g by PTS and this 93.44% THC High Supply Kush Cake Live Sand 1g by Cresco, but if we covered them all, we’d take up your entire day.   

 How Do You Consume These Mystical Dab Concoctions?  

There are countless ways people consume concentrated THC products. Look no further than YouTube to see the most brilliant and foolish ways people have tried, but we will just cover the four most popular ways people go about it.


A Nectar Collector or Straw This is as easy as it sounds. You hit up the tip with a torch. Place the tip in the concentrate and start to draw from the other end. This is the most common form of intake for new users as some of the others seem more like a science project.  

The Dab RigA dab rig is any water bong fitted with attachments to consume concentrates. You heat up the piece known as a nail or banger with a torch, use a dab tool to place your concentrates on the nail, and then rip it like you would a bong. Dab Rigs can get very elaborate and look like a failed lab experiment of some sort very quickly. A rule of thumb to building a rig is if you don’t know how or why it functions you don’t need it on your rig.


Electronics- This covers a lot of products. Most notably are E-rigs, Vaporizers, and Torchless Nectar collectors. These are the safest means of dabbing. Some of these products can get very complicated to use so always watch a review someone has done on the product before jumping in yourself.  

The Old-Fashioned WayAs any good stoner knows, you can always roll it up and smoke it. Now, I am not saying roll concentrate up alone and smoke it. You will need to add it to weed. The dryer concentrates work best for this such as sand, kief, and hash,  but any can be managed. Remember, a little goes a long way with concentrates.  

 Benefits and Downsides to Dabbing  

One of the biggest benefits to dabbing is its high potency. For many long-term smokers, dabbing is a way to get them to where they want in a timelier fashion. With its fast on-set time and high potency, you go from 0-100 like you’ve never done before.  Dabbing also is a little more discreet as it is less pungent than flower. One of the biggest downsides to dabbing is its high potency. Concentrates get on top of you quick and many aren’t ready for it. It can reach into your lungs and take your breath away while leaving you in a cold sweat on the floor (totally not talking from experience here). The other big downside is the risk of burns. Unless you are using electronics, you will be wielding a torch at some point. Chances are slim you’ve wielded a torch in the past and even slimer that you did so while high or attempting to get high. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL!  

 Final Suggestions  

If you are considering dabbing for the first time, don’t run out and buy all the accessories to do so. It will be expensive, and it may not be for you. Instead, if possible, dab with someone who has considerably more experience than you. If that is not possible, start with safer ways of consuming such as vaporizers. Most stoners are friendly and if you ask for help and advice they will give it to you. Dabbing isn’t for everyone and generally not for beginners, but you’ll never know unless you give it a go.  If you are considering dabbing for the first time, we will leave you with this advice, always proceed with caution, have fun, and be safe.