People love cannabis but not everyone is just looking to get high. Some are just using the plant for therapeutic or medicinal benefits. This is why we have the adult use cannabis industry has seen such a large influx in products containing nonpsychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN. RiverBluff Cannabis strives to educate our Roselle customers across the state and to make sure they walk out the door with the products they need. Nonpsychoactive cannabinoids get a bit of a bad rap from longtime consumers, but they all have their own roles to play. CBD, CBG, and CBN are by far the most popular and useful of the nonpsychoactive cannabinoids. CBD, CBG, and CBN are NOT the same thing though they are often confused for each other. AS wonderful as these compounds are, they work best when paired with THC. So, let’s take a deeper look! 

In general, all can:   

  • Improve sleep  
  • Provide general Pain Relief  
  • Reduce anxiety and depression 

 CBD (Cannabidiol)  

This is almost every nonrecreational enthusiast’s introduction into the world of cannabis products. There are CBD advertisements everywhere. Most people have a general idea of what CBD can do, so we will keep this short and tell you what it does best. Of the things all three compounds do to some extent, CBD is the best for general pain relief. It works well with dealing with broken bones and arthritis. Remember this by thinking of vitamin D (good for bones). That separates it from our next two compounds and don’t worry we have a fun way to remember them too. A great way to try CBD is with this Nuvata Apricot Flow 1:1 CBD THC Disposable .5g by Contract Canna for $40. Maybe you need a topical for muscle pain, look at this Vanilla and Grapefruit 1:1:1 THC CBD CBG Salve 100mg by Nature’s Grace for $40. You may have noticed CBG in the topical, which brings us to our next compound. 

 CBG (Cannbigerol)  

CBG may be the most important compound in the plant and it’s the mother compound of the plant. From CBG, all other cannabinoids are formed. Besides giving us all the compounds we love, CBG shines on its own. Of the things all three compounds do, CBG is best for reduction in anxiety and depression. In fact, it aids in many types of brain functions. It also increases focus and alertness, is beneficial when combatting migraines, and has shown signs of improving memory function. CBG is also known to reduce nerve pain. If you struggle with mental health and/or nerve pain, skip CBD and go directly to CBG. When you think of CBG, think of G for good morning and then do jazz hands! If you interested in checking out a CBG product now, we recommend Ozone Soft Chews Fx Balancing Orange 2:1 CBG THC 10pk 100mg by Ascend for $24 or perhaps these Wonder Gummy Focus Prickly Pear 1:1 with CBG 100mg 20ct by Cresco for $25. 

CBN (Cannabinol)  

CBN is the compound most people are looking for when they buy CBD because most people turn to cannabis medicinally to help sleep. CBN is an oxidized form of THC. After oxidization it loses its psychoactive effects but keeps its sedative effects. It is a near perfect sleep aid with natural receptors in your body to accept it and a healthier alternative to other sleep aids. It also works well on inflammation and aches, but it will make you drowsy. If taking CBN, I always recommend it before bed. That’s why when remembering CBN, think of the N for night night or nap time. Need sleep now? What’s better than cookies before bed? Look at this scrumptious Stay Asleep Double Chocolate Chipzzz 1:1 THC CBN Cookie 10mg by Enliven for $5. Maybe you just want to take a pill and go to sleep, we got those too in The Botanist RSO High Potency Capsules 1:1 THC CBN 5pk 100mg by In Grown Farms for $22.  

RiverBluff Cannabinoid Advice  

If you are struggling with a medical problem and are unhappy with pharmaceutical options, a cannabis-based alternative may be right for you. Don’t be shy to ask your doctor about these compounds. Trust us, they’ve heard it before. Do your own research into the compounds and see if anyone else has had success treating your ailment. People who love the plant love to help each other. The more people who realize the plant is beneficial for other things than getting high the better off we will all be. If you enjoyed this article and want to stay up to date on all our in-store deals, SIGN UP for our free to join email group.