RiverBluff Cannabis hates to see people stuck casting cannaconsumers in the same old stereotypes. Those who consume cannabis aren’t by default dumb, lazy, unmotivated, or unfit. Some of the most successful people ever have smoked cannabis flower, eaten cannabis edibles, or enjoyed other cannabis products, and they managed to overcome those stereotypes to leave their mark on history. This list could be filled will artists and musicians but those would have been easily guessed and that’s not the name of the article. The list will go from most likely to be guessed to least likely to be guessed. Kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about people you’d have never guessed were into weed stuff! 

Barack Obama 

Okay, so you may have guessed this one, but it is still fascinating. The most recent entry on the list, Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America, became the first presidential candidate to openly admit to having smoked cannabis. He didn’t dodge the question like Bill Clinton did. Clinton claimed he never inhaled; Obama said “Yes I inhaled that was kind of the point.”  

Though Barack may have put his smoking days behind him, in 2011 the Obamas became the first president and first lady to grow medicinal marijuana in the presidential garden. Strangely enough the gardener charged with the care of these plants was named Tommy Chong. Not the Tommy Chong, but very serendipitous to say the least. Who knew they were growing weed at the White House? So, cool! Being a Chicago guy, he’d probably be looking at the Chicago Dawg Popcorn 7g by Bedford Grow for $80. 

Steve Jobs 

Steve Jobs may be the most driven person to ever live. The former head of Apple took the personal computer out of the office and placed them in people’s homes. Without him, there is a decent chance smart phones wouldn’t be as advanced as they are now. Jobs wasn’t just a fan of cannabis – he also enjoyed LSD. Though he claimed to leave his cannabis consumption in the 70s, he left the world with unbelievable stories. Like the time he and Wozniak tried to get the Pope on the phone just for fun. Jobs loved his company so would be attracted to the Apple Fritter Preroll 1g by Galaxy Labs for $13.  

Carl Sagan 

Carl Sagan is on the short list of the smartest people to have ever lived. Sagan, a decorated astronomer, brought science into the mainstream during the 1970s with the TV show Cosmos, which he wrote and presented. When the government had questions about space, they called Carl Sagan. Sagan never shied away from his vocal love of cannabis and the need for cannabis law reform. Carl was always prepared to discuss the benefits of cannabis as he did in this article about why he liked smoking marijuana. Naturally, Sagan is leaning toward the Flower Blueberry Space Cake 3.5g by Cresco for $55. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

You’ve read about a charismatic pothead, a driven pothead, and a genius pothead but what about the physically fit pothead? How about one of the most physically fit people of all time? Arnold Schwarzenegger! That’s right. The man who was once a muscle mountain loved to hit the ganja after lifting. Several shots of him hitting the green can be seen in the documentary Pumping Iron. Arnold would go from bodybuilding, to acting to politics. Not too shabby for a stoner speaking their second language. Arnie would probably be eyeing this Infused Flower Power Sherb 3.5g by Gassroots for $60. 

William Shakespeare 

This one may be a bit farfetched. It is not like there pictures, interviews, or references to Shakespeare smoking cannabis. However, that doesn’t mean there is no evidence that big Bill liked to toke a bit. Though experts refuse to agree, the clay pipes with drug residue found by archeologists at Shakespeare’s home cannot be denied. This one may have the least evidence to prove it but may be the most fascinating. The writer by which all writers are judged may have been just as high as the rest of us while he wrote! That’s pretty cool! Billy would probably be into these Sweet Life Ruby Wafer Love Bites 50mg by IESO for $20. 

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