Summertime is well underway, and RiverBluff Cannabis knows you’ll be looking to maximize your time in the warm weather while it lasts. No better way to smoke on the go than the good old fashioned joint or cannabis pre-roll, as they are now called. Pre-rolls are concealable, easily portable, single use and more eco-friendly than anything battery operated.  Proof that classics become classics for a reason! You’ll be on the move and looking for fun and RiverBluff has your back for all your cannabis needs (and even some suggestions on where to enjoy them!) So, kick back in the cut, fire one up, and let’s learn about some fun things to do while high on weed. 


This one may be cliche but remember what was said about classics! When the weather is nice you bask in it. Sure, you could take a walk around the block a few times and get roughly the same amount of exercise, but where is the adventurous spirit in that? A hike in the wild is good for reflection and a peaceful place to toke.

Separating from the urban and suburban setting many live in can help people disconnect, even if for just a few hours, and reminds us how many of our problems aren’t big as we think in the grander scheme of things. Feeling even a bit of worry melt away is priceless! Not sure where to go? Check out this article on 12 hikes in Illinois that will take your breath away! Hiking pairs well with a Rocket Wreckage Moonwalker Infused Blunt 1g by Nature’s Grace for $30. 


Camping gives you all the things hiking does but for an extended period. Being disconnected for a little bit can melt worries away but being disconnected for a long duration can rebuild confidence. Leaving the house knowing you will have to find a place to sleep & make food without modern luxuries, all while carrying everything you will be able to use on your back, is a sobering experience. No better time to rectify that situation than by lighting up when you realize you are resourceful enough to camp.  Whether choosing a traditional camp site or just hiking along and deciding you’ve found a good place to set up camp for the night, nothing beats looking up at the stars before falling asleep and wondering what else is out there. That’s right! You transition right from hiking into camping into thinking about aliens. A joint will be necessary. Need a new place to hit up? Here is an article on the 40 best camping spots in Illinois. Camping pairs well with Kaviar Moon Blend Infused Preroll 5 pack 3g by Star Buds for $60. 

Float On a Body of Water 

Hiking and camping both sound like a lot of walking and it is hot outside. We know not everyone is down for that, so why not try the complete opposite? Outside to beat the heat the water is the best place to be. Floating on water, stoned, relaxing in the sun, is a very freeing experience. Of the things on this list, this is the cheapest, lowest effort option available. Get an innertube, floaties, or any other inflatable object and find water. It doesn’t matter if it is a lake, a pool, a pond, a river, a stream, or a large puddle. You’ll be floating, relaxing with a cannabis pre-roll in your mouth immediately. Remember, wear a lifejacket people! Most of the planet is blue. Find some water and float. A good float pairs well with a pack of Binske Day Wrecker Mini Preroll 7 pack 3.5g by Ascend for $50. 

Visit a Strange Place 

Venture out of your comfort zone and go someplace weird! One of the best parts about this planet is no matter where you are there is someplace weird nearby. Most people go to the normal sites, so you see the same type of people you always see, and they are always crowded. You meet interesting people in strange places almost without fail. If you want to venture slightly out of state, The House on the Rock is absolutely amazing! A cavalcade of oddities and mysterious items, it served as one of the settings for Neil Gaiman’s bestselling novel, American Gods. If you are looking to stay close to home, you can check out the world’s largest wind chime and the other 11 of the strangest places to visit in Illinois. Strange places are best enjoyed with a Tical Judgement Day Rosin Infused Preroll 4pk 2g by TICAL for $62. 

Get Lost in a Museum 

It is hot outside and not everyone has air conditioning, but do you know who does? Museums! Do you want to take a good hike? The places are huge. Want to see the stars? Alot of them have a room for that. You don’t need to get wet to stay cool when air conditioning exists! You want to see weird and strange things? That is literally the reason museums exist. Get lit and get lost in a museum. Burn some calories, stay cool, and learn about something you wouldn’t have before. Think you’ve been to every museum in Illinois? Double check by looking at this list of all the museums to visit in Illinois. If you want to get through an entire museum, you’re going to need a Kaviar GMO Jet Fuel Infused Preroll 5 Pack 3g by Star Buds for $60. 

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