The adult use cannabis industry can be a magical world, but laws vary from state to state and knowing those laws are important. Here in the land of rolling country sides and the Second City, the Illinois cannabis industry is still in its infancy, and as marijuana isn’t federally legal, the laws can vary greatly from state to state. Knowing these laws will make your Illinois dispensary experience top notch. These are four things Illinois cannabis consumers need to know when planning their shopping experience.


The Legal Ease 

The first thing you should know is exactly how much you can purchase at any one dispensary at one time. Knowing this information will help you plan your budget and narrow your shopping focus. Here are the buying limits for in-state and out of state residents.  

  • Illinois residents twenty-one (21) and older may possess thirty (30) grams of cannabis flower, five hundred (500) mg of THC-infused edible products (amount is cumulative, regardless of being in a single product or multiple products), or five (5) grams of concentrate.  
  • Non-residents to Illinois may purchase fifteen (15) grams of cannabis, two hundred and fifty (250) mg of THC in a cannabis-infused product, or two and a half (2.5) grams of concentrated cannabis product. 

What Will I Need to Purchase? 

To enter an adult use cannabis dispensary in Illinois, you must be over the age of 21 and present your government issued, scannable ID (state ID, driver’s license, or passport). Some dispensaries like us accept cash or debit and almost all have an ATM to draw cash from. Fees from ATMs and credit card processors can range in cost. 

What kind of product are you looking for? 

Now that you know what you can buy and what you need to buy it, you can finally start to shop! Cannabis flower is straight forward. You want weed? You buy weed. When you start getting into other cannabis products things can start to get confusing quickly so checking the options available at the dispensary/dispensaries online before visiting may save you a trip or two. There are a wide variety of vape carts, edibles, and concentrates to choose from and knowing the differences can be very advantageous.   


Where Can You Consume? 

You’ve made it in and out of the dispensary smoothly but now a new question arises. Where can I consume? Well, don’t open your product until you reach your destination. Products must be child-sealed and out of the reach of the driver while transporting cannabis purchased in Illinois. There are cannabis consumption lounges available, but they are few and far between. Private property is always safe if the owner of said property allows it. Void of those options, you can always ask your budtender of legal locations nearby or try to survive in the wild. If you have to survive in the wild, never smoke in your car, never drive while too high to do so. Unfortunately, until more cannabis lounges open, your best bet is to just wait until you get home. 


Now you have the fundamental tools to guide you through your Illinois cannabis shopping experience. Though these may be the standards today, that doesn’t mean they will always be the standard. Things change fast in the cannabis industry and the landscape is constantly evolving so keeping up to date on changes is very important. You can keep up with these changes as we do by signing up for our email group and getting articles and deals sent to keep you in the know.